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About Donna Shay

Working to make all your Real Estate transactions as smooth as "Shay" butter.

Donna Shay Realtor@, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas; then in 1988 she moved to Fort Pierce, Florida where she immediately fell in love with the ocean and the warm sunny days. Before launching her career in real estate, she started her journey into the medical field and worked her way up to managing a physicians office where she spent most of her time negotiating new contracts and facilitating the complex obligations of running a large medical practice. As life progressed and family expanded, she decided that she needed something with more flexibility. Knowing the joys of living in South Florida, she decided to turn her passion for helping people into finding the perfect home for those seeking their own little piece of paradise. Her husband, a retired firefighter and native to Florida, is completely supportive of her passion to help others and she will promise you to always do her best in helping to make all of your real estate transactions as smooth as “Shay” butter.

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